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The Brague National Park

The Brague National ParkThe Brague National ParkThe Brague National Park
The Brague national park covers 480 hectares of the communes of Biot and Valbonne. It is situated only 6km from the Mediterranean Sea, and the altitude varies from 40 to 245m.
The park is in the shape of a sort of crescent, axed on the river Brague and its tributary the Bruguet.
The various walks and hikes allow you to discover, around the village of Biot, a diverse range of Mediterranean countryside, (pine forests, wild dry scrub, oaks, cists and myrtle trees)
Also, all along the trails, numerous historical remains are present, like the old mills, traces of old mill stones, volcanic stone mines, charcoal making remains, and signs of a Roman presence.

In order to ensure a detailed localisation you are advised to get the IGN maps "Cannes-Grasse" Cote d'Azur TOP n°3643, coedited by the National Institute of Gegraphy and the General Council of the Maritimes Alps.
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