« DESSINEZ D'ABORD» Fernand Léger intime

December 2 to March 26, 2018
Musée Fernand Léger
Chemin du Val de Pome - 06410 Biot
Tél: 04 92 91 50 20
Useful information
Exhibition from Saturday, December 2 to Monday, March 26, 2018 at the Fernand Léger National Museum.

To the students of his modern Academy, the painter Fernand Léger taught the art of drawing as a prerequisite for painting: "Draw first. A precise drawing, the line, nothing but the trait. Fragments first: hands, feet, then figures, and then ensemble compositions ... "

All of Fernand Léger's painted works - easel paintings, but also larger wall decorations - are preceded by preparatory drawings in which the artist regulates his composition, studies the position of his characters or modulates his effects of light and colored contrasts. Through drawing, Fernand Léger concentrates on the work of the form he grasps in his essence, then gradually introduces the color with heightened gouache or watercolor, which illuminate the paper support with their clarity.
By presenting drawings from his rarely exhibited collection, the Fernand Léger National Museum highlights the diversity of drawing practice at Fernand Léger: for him, drawing is not only an intellectual exercise of analysis and synthesis of form intended to find its culmination in painting. It is also a mode of artistic expression in itself, that Léger practices on a daily basis. The drawing reveals the intimacy of the artist, both in the subjects represented - caricatures of his friends, portraits of the beloved woman - and in the modesty of the format and the technique employed.

As evidenced by the rigorous and sober Autoportrait of 1930, the drawing reveals a more personal, often moving, dimension of the work of Fernand Léger. The work of the line, lively and precise, reflects the artistic questions of the painter, but also the richness of his emotions and the freedom of his eyes.

The exhibition presented this winter at the Fernand Léger National Museum, focusing on the period from 1901 to 1925, declines Fernand Léger's drawn work into four main sections: caricatures and youth drawings, cubist figures, war diaries and purist studies illustrate the variety of drawing in Fernand Léger's work as well as the evolution of his artistic work during the first half of his career.
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