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Verrerie de guyot verrerie du village de biot creation artisanalelampe artisanale en verre creation Biot métiers d'art creation objet d'art vase polychrome biot vase verre composition creation artistique metiers d'art 06
Pascal Guyot has been working in glass since 1975. He chose to set up his workshop and boutique in the centre of Biot in 1996.
La Verrerie du Village has a vast selection of lamps, vases and bottles which have been coloured by mixing oxides and by including gold or silver leaf. La Verrerie du Village also has a collection of 'Tableware' in bubble glass. All the pieces are dated, signed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity. 
Boutique ouverte tous les jours
Hors-saison : 11h à 18h30
Eté : 10h à 19h30

Samedi, Dimanche, Lundi et jours fériés :
Hors-saison : 15h 19h
Eté : 15h30 19h30
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