Historical heritage


Title: "In the heart of the bleu land: Antibes Juan-les-Pins, Biot, Opio, Valbonne, Vallauris Golfe-Juan - Return to the past"
Writer: Renaud DUMENIL & Paul MAURT
Editions: Editions Equinoxe
Editions date: 1999

Title: Travel diaries of Biot
Writer: Francis GAUDICHET
Editions: Gilletta Editions - Bilingual Edition
Edition date: 2009

Title: Parlen lou Bioutenc - Let's speak biotois
Writer: Emile CHEVAL
Editions: Marine Creation
Edition date: 1990

Title: Biot - from stone, ground, wood, water... all the way of doing pottery
Writer: Brigitte ROLLIER, Pierre CARTIER & Jean Paul LITH
Editions: Arezzo Association
Edition date: 2010

Title: Biot, my village nearby the sea
Writer: Emile CHEVAL
Editions: Cabri Editions
Edition date: 2000

Title: Jars' Biot, terraillers & fontains XVIe - XX centuries
Editions: Arezzo Editions
Edition date: 2006

Title: 1815 - Biot, Antibes, Vallauris
Writer: Jacques Dominique CASSINI
Editions: IGN Map
Edition date: 1815

Title: Sigilled pottery, gallo-roman ovens, potteries cookings, engobies, wood to warm up, ancestrals activities of pottery.
Writer: Pierre CARTIER
Editions: Arezzo technical notes
Edition date: 2004

Title: 1953 - 1955, Human History & Geography of Biot. Monography of Biot
Writer: J.A. DURBEC
Editions: Annalysis of Scientifics and literature of Cannes,  and Grasse surroundings
Edition date: Tome XII 1953 et Tome 1955

Title: The quarry of oven stone of the Biot's Massif
Writer: Jean Paul LITH
Editions: amateur's editions
Edition date: 2000
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