Antibes' swimming pool

210 avenue Jules Grec
06600 Antibes
Tél. : 04 92 90 68 10 
Fax : 04 92 90 68 11
Useful information
There are 5 pools in the Water Park: 
Open year round except May 1st, December 25th and January 1st. 
  • 1 pool 25 m x 21 m
  • 1 small pool 20 m x 8 m
Open from mid June to mid September
  • 1 diving pool,
  • 1 50 m x 21 m pool,
  • 1 paddling pool,
  • 1 solarium,
  • 1 lawn 
"WINTER"(mid-September to mid-June)

School Period

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 12h-14h and 16h30-20h
Wednesday: 11h30-17h
Saturday: 11h-19h
Sunday and holidays: 8h30-14h

Only access to indoor pools + swimming hole from 12 to 14h from Monday to Friday except during the Christmas holidays.

During the school holidays from April 2011
(Monday 18 to Sunday May 1, 2011).

- From Monday 18 to Friday, April 22, 2011: 10h - 20h (Fosse swimming from 12:00 to 14:00)
- Saturday, April 23: 11h - 19h
- Sunday, April 24: 8h30 - 14h
- Monday, April 25 (Easter): 8h30 - 14h
- From Tuesday 26 to Friday, April 29: 10h - 20h (Fosse swimming from 12h to 14h)
- Saturday, April 30: 11h - 19h
- Sunday 1st May: CLOSED

Reversals of the winter timetable from Monday, May 2, 2011.
Closures due to exceptional events:
- Sunday, March 27, 2011: NATATHLON.
- Saturday, April 2, 2011: MEDITERRANEA.

During school holidays
Monday to Friday: 10h20h
Saturday: 11h-19h
Sunday: 8:30-14h
Total closure of the establishment on 1 January, 1 May and 25 December.
Free for children under 4 years (1 voucher may be requested).
Obligatory use of an entry (that may be requested at any time within the establishment)
Children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult,
Only wearing a bathing suit is authorized (but no other clothes)

All users must abide by the rules posted on site.
The closing of the fund is actually 45 minutes before the end of the schedule.
The evacuation basins occurs 15 minutes before closing time.

Since 1 July 2009, so that you benefit
Tariff applies to you, we thank you kindly
bring with you:
On the paperwork stating your name, address and photo
(ex: National Identity Card, Passport, Driver's license ...).

Any other evidence:

- home (eg invoice, receipt, housing tax ...)
- education (school certificate ...)
- Work (attestaiotn employer, business card ...)

Must necessarily be accompanied by a présentaiton ID
photo (eg: National Identity Card, Passport, Driving License ...)


To avoid having to present your receipts with every purchase, you may
be issued a card free of "beneficiary", allowing you
to go directly into cash and get the tariff for
your situation during the reference year.

This card "Beneficiary" is not an admission, it is issued
free on presentation of evidence and should be mandatory
presented with every purchase.
To get it go to the home stadium of the evidence provided Nautical
from 1 July 2009.
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