EXHIBITION "Tables sages...Tables folles..."

October 7, 2017 to March 11, 2018
Musée de Biot
Rens : 04 93 65 54 54
Useful information
Ceramic and historical Museum of Biot

Who has never wanted to give free rein to his imagination, to his madness to decorate his table?

Receiving and astonishing guests, great prestigious tables, astounding tables by their wisdom, the art of the table is a real art of living, an invitation to gastronomic pleasures and sharing.

Depending on where it is set up, the table is personalized, enhancing design, shapes, colors, themes and dishes to create an astonishing and creative atmosphere, reflecting the personality of the guests. In setting up his table, the host is a creator who will, at first glance, arouse the taste buds and taste imagination, what a great entry for gourmets!

Installed in Biot since the early 1960s, Claude Pelletier and Jean-Paul Van Lith are among the most important creators of French decorative arts. They design and realize in their Biot workshops, many models for the tableware, goldsmiths and perfumery.

Many of these models, created for the greatest silversmiths, the most famous couturiers, luxury houses such as Christofle, Cartier and many others, the Palais de l'Elysées, sold around the world, will be presented to the public at the museum this autumn.

These pieces of crystal, porcelain plates, silver cutlery and other precious objects of the tableware that have made these prestigious houses famous will be staged on tables set up in many ways, from the simplest to the the most dazzling, one of these tables from the creator Nicolas Thévenin.
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