From 6th of may to 30th of october 2017
Musée national Fernand Léger
Chemin du Val de Pôme
06410 Biot
Useful information Access
"VIS A VIS" Fernand Léger and friends

Exhibition organized by the XXth century national museums of the French Riviera including
Archipenko, Arp, Calder, Czaky, Delaunay,Gris, Laurens, Le Corbusier,Lipchitz, Ozenfant.
Fernand Léger (1885-1955) was an independant mind and creator,opened on his time : all along his artistic career he established
relationships with his contemporary fellow artists, paintors, sculptors,poets and architects.

The exhibition "Vis à Vis"  Fernand Léger and friends : Archipenko, Arp, Calder, Czaky, Delaunay,Gris, Laurens, Le Corbusier,Lipchitz, Ozenfant
is the first part of an artistic programing devoted to the friendly and artistic excahnges the paintor had with the artists of his time.

This exhibition follows the 2017 celebration of Fernand Léger's work:
The city of Metz hosts a restrospective exhibition from the 20th of may to the 30th of october intitled :"Fernand Léger.Le beau est partout" (beauty is everywhere)
which is a tribute to the paintors multidisciplinary personality.The Metz retrospective exhibition took place within the 40 years anniversary of the Pompidou Center,
and therefore the national museum Fernand Léger exceptionally lent 12 masterpieces, paintings and sculptures,("Les toits de Paris" -1912- "Les Constructeurs" -1950)
and  allowing a new perception of the artist through the unseen,rich collections of the museum.

Each painting or sculpture of the national museum of modern art will be placed in front of a work of Fernand Léger to create new formal associations.Fed by creative artistic friendships
Fernand Légers work renews itself from the relationship with the other artists and from the main artistic trends of the begining of the 20th century.

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