« XXL 2017 – 2018 » EXHIBITION

From May 12, 2017 to the end of 2018
Tourist Office
04 93 65 78 00
From 12 May 2017 to the 4th quarter of 2018. Opening of the exhibition on 12 May 2017 at 6.30 
In Biot, the only limits will be the sky and the earth ... As an aesthetic signature of the city, Art will exhibit in Biot in size XXL in the very heart of the village. The monumental works of the exhibition "XXL 2017 - 2018" installed in the open air, will testify to the artist's desire for space. The initiative goes to Valérie Gaidoz, gallery owner and curator of the exhibition: "The idea of ​​this exhibition imposed on me, several years ago. Through a multitude of artistic events, I realized that we had a peculiar characteristic of Biot: we are able to conceive an exhibition of monumental works thanks to the exclusive contest of artists all having a common history Biotoise. Very active indeed on the national and international artistic scene, they all do well: an XXL talent! ".

"XXL 2017-2018 is a first step of 18 months which should not be a culmination, but a real impetus for the adventure of crafts to reinvent and live more than ever in Biot! As an invitation to stroll the very heart of the village, this exhibition would like to extend in the future to the most secret and unusual alleys. The city will be transformed into an open-air gallery to the delight of the visitors so invited to get lost in the old Biot, whose exceptional charm conceals treasures "says Valérie Gaidoz, gallery owner and curator of the exhibition.

The masterful creations with colors, materials and shapes as spectacular in their size, as striking by their originality, will play with the elements that surround them to blend into the landscape. "I like a work to be integrated into the landscape or architecture, or it comes to bother us to surprise us and better challenge us," she continues. "Bronze, resin, sandstone, glass, wood, steel, the diversity of expression is impressive and you will be able to discover it ...! I would like the walkers to appropriate these works, imagine them in their garden and why not, buy them, because as a gallery owner, I am well aware of the difficult economic context and the needs of artists to continue Create and preserve their know-how ", concludes Valérie Gaidoz.
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